The Chocolate Maker’s Studio

imageThere is a pleasure that comes from chocolate like no other.  It can be as complex or as simple as you please.  Often you won’t know how it’s going to hit you until it does, hit you. Sometimes you need just a taste and sometimes you need to taste, and taste, and taste.

At The Chocolate Makers Studio we continually play with chocolate and the flavors that it can magically bring forward and surprise us with—be it a single chocolate all on its own (made from beans from Madagascar alone, for example) or in partnership with other complementary and often surprising flavors, from Rosemary Caramel to Browned Butter with Texas Pecans.

We use the finest chocolates available from Europe and the Americas to craft our chocolate offerings — selecting and blending them to bring forward the flavor profiles we think you’ll enjoy.

We’ve built a core, if you will, of chocolates that we can’t seem to go for very long without and we hope you can’t either.  We encourage you take an opportunity to try each and every one.

At the moment we are focusing on our Bar Chocolates, available at some great, great shops here in Portland, OR, and in the Austin area.

Once we get our open to the public Kitchen/Studio/Lab retail location up and running, we hope you’ll come and see us, our greatly expanded offerings, our melters full of chocolate, weird tools and chocolate covered aprons. The aromas will be intoxicating, the chocolates more so.

Thank you. Enjoy.

Steven Lawrence